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Business + Mindset Coach helping purpose-driven women boss up their mindset, unlock their zone of genius and transform into a fearless entrepreneur

Pursue Your Purpose and Profits

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Are you ready to stop the round-the-clock hustling and nickel and diming your expertise and value when know you want more?

It's time for you to stop selling yourself short and take your business to the next level.


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Hey I'm Breshana, a Business and Mindset Coach. I help purpose-driven online service-based coaches maximize and monetize their God-given expertise and gifts into a powerful high-value coaching program so they can reclaim their freedom and flexibility and do more of what they love.  

I loved that I get to operate in my calling and expertise and transform the lives of other women I worked with, but the hours I spent searching for clients, trying to reach my income goals, and build my coaching business left me exhausted and constantly tied to my phone and laptop just so no one would forget I existed.

My family got used to me working all the time and I was functionally sleep-deprived.  Working in a six-figure corporate job, being a mom of three, and serving in ministry with my husband left me time-strapped and anxious for change, but I allowed my circumstances to box me in and limit my ability to reach my goals. 

I knew how to be productive, plan, strategize and implement all the things I needed to create and build my coaching business, but feeling overworked and underpaid was not what I had in mind. 

My vision, success, and quality of life was a non-negotiable, so I made a high-ticket investment in myself, restructured signature offer into a premium client experience and accelerated my income time-factor from 3-5 years to 4 months. 

Now I help women who were like me not only transform their coaching business into a premium client experience, but see themselves like never before - living in alignment, thriving in their business with clients that love them, operating in their purpose, and having the time freedom and flexibility to do what they enjoy!


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I know it seems like you're doing all the right things, but you don't feel like you're in your zone yet and most of all, you wonder why it seems like it's so easy for everyone else. That's because all those shiny objects you have been chasing is not going to take your business to the next level and giving your the flexibility you want.

No more blending in and generalizing your gift and message to reach the masses.

My high-level Business Clarity and Mindset Mentorship will help you radically shift your business and mindset into the vertical six-figure position that mobilizes your expertise, uplevels your unique voice and message to attract your best clients, and create the success and freedom you desire in your business.   

If you're ready break the glass ceiling, fearlessly own your zone of expertise, and unapologetically share your message in your own unique way, then let's chat!

Are you ready to step it up, become fearless, and uplevel your business with purpose and profits, then let's begin your mindblowing journey today!


I love insta! Come hang out with me!