Creating purposeful businesses from the inside out

clarity + mindset coaching

for women entrepreneurs



Stress, frustration, and overwhelm with all the things that you want and need to do to have a purposeful life and business can hold you back from reaching your goals and making the impact you desire.  You're trying to manage it all like a superwoman with sanity, but on the inside you feel frazzled with all of your ideas, unaccomplished, and stuck with a to-do list that zaps the peace and calm right out of your life.  


The secret to building a solid foundation for your life and business is

clarity and purpose  

You can have ease and flow in your life and business, but when you lack clarity, you will always chase ideas, struggle to focus, feel unsuccessful.  It's time free yourself from stress and chaos, get into alignment with your vision and core values, and create your purposeful life. 


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The Simply Purposeful Entrepreneur is a free online community for women to gather and support one another in their business and faith through purposeful and intentional living.

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Ready to ditch stress and overwhelm? Let's work together to clear the chaos, create a life and business through purposeful and intentional living.    


set and accomplish purposeful goals

 Learn how to set one purposeful goal at a time, develop a clear action plan, implement the positive mindset you need to push past your roadblocks, and stay accountable to your goals all the way through.

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Get access to my free online resource library that is filled with worksheets, videos, and tools to help streamline and simplify your life and business. You get some faith boosting resources too!


Hey Lady!  


I'm Breshana Miller, Clarity + Mindset Coach to big-hearted and purpose-driven female entrepreneurs.  I help women find the clarity and calm they need in their life and business so they can confidently create a purposeful life that is impactful and in alignment with their core values, faith, and their vision without feeling stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed. 

If you are ready to get your mind and ideas out of the fog and reclaim peace and calm with clear purposeful actions that will push you closer to your vision and deeper in your faith, then you're in the right place.   Read More About Me >>


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