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Business + Mindset Coach helping purpose-driven women boss up their mindset, unlock their zone of genius and transform into a fearless entrepreneur
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Want a brand that stands out and attracts paying clients that find you and not the other way around?

I know you believe that growing your business requires doing all the greasy tactics that makes you want to cringe.  I believed that too!

And if you're tired of that cringing feeling, which is creating major blocks for you by the way, then it's time for you to start doing what you do best - Be You.

I’m Breshana, a Brand Strategist and Next Level Visionary for coaches and service-based entrepreneurs. 

I know you've got that next level in mind for your life and business, but scraping your way there is not on your bucket list.

You're deeply powerful on the inside and know you were meant for more

Your gifts, vision, message, and expertise is what the world is waiting for and I'm here to help you get massive clarity around what that is, how to communicate it, and package it into a signature service and a magnetic brand that sells with ease.

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My gift is to bring clarity and cohesion to your vision, message, ideas, and uplevel your mindset to get you out of your own way and align your unique strengths and brand personality to your content and marketing strategy so that you can fully....

Increase your value and pricing power in your niche

Unlock your unique voice and message

Position yourself as an expert in front of your target audience

Attract the right paying clients to your business.

My Brand Strategy effects will also have you showing up more powerfully in your business, continuously upleveling your mindset, and knowing that you are the non-negotiable coach that your clients need in their life.


Everyone has a unique advantage in their market, but most don't know what it is or understand how to translate it into their brand and business.  Without full discovery of your natural influential traits, you risk blending in and being overlooked by your desired audience.  

My strategy infuses the value of your expertise and your brand personality through your brand messaging and content to connect intuitively with your dream clients and bring more ease into your marketing and sales. 

Creating a personal brand that starts with knowing your brand personality that automatically gives you a unique advantage in your niche.  Discover your brand personality superpower and how you can leverage more of what makes you unique.  


If fitting in is not your forte and you want to truly tap into your influential strengths and gifts that makes your brand a no-brainer standout choice for your ideal clients, then you're in the right place.  




Your brand should not linger in the abyss of ambiguity and obscurity about who you are, what you do, and how you can light the world up with your powerful message.   This 3-month program will take your invisible irresistibleness and turn it inside out into a clear, compelling and magnetic personal brand.



Get aligned with your judgment-free genius zone to own your truth, your worth and create your core message so that you can easily offer higher value to your audience.



My free training gives you a step-by-step guide using my MAGNETIC MESSAGE FRAMEWORK to authentically show up in your business, create client attraction content, and stand out in your niche.

I love insta! Come hang out with me!