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Strategic Business Consulting and Coaching for Small Business Owners, Leaders, and Professionals

My purpose is to help high achieving women entrepreneurs live with purpose, shift into their best self, and create their divine impact and influence in the world by doing what they love and were created to do.

You don’t have to choose between pursuing your purpose or your career. I’m here to put the AND in your desires because you can have both.

You don’t have to give in to the pressures and stress of using your business as an career exit strategy in order to do what God has put on your heart.

Your life work is needed. Your purpose is the unlimited possibilities and necessary impact of what God created you for.

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You are not just an ordinary person with a ordinary business. Your business is an extension of who you are and your purpose and you’re ready to for your business to fully represent who you are and the impact you want to make.

Maybe you feel like you’ve been holding back on yourself and your vision because you’re not quite sure how to bring it all together.

You don’t have to step up into your next level alone.

As a Business Consultant for a Fortune500 company, I’ve helped many senior executives and women entrepreneurs get clear on their vision and how to execute it with ease. I have a natural knack for discerning and discovering your gifts and expertise and extracting the value and power of what you were created to do so that you can be the natural-born leader and entrepreneur you were created to be.

I started my business because I knew I was created to make a bigger and more powerful impact with my purpose in the marketplace than just what I was doing in my career. I was also driven my passion to shift women from empowerment to execution.

The unique blend of my God-given gifts (spiritual and natural) with the business consulting strategies I use in my corporate career is what has allowed me to inspire and motivate women to take action on their vision and walk confidently in their purpose. Plus I’ve learned to balance being a Pastor’s wife, working corporate mom to three small kids, a doctoral student in Bible College, and an online business while advancing in my corporate career as a business management consultant, career manager, and leader.