I'm a Clarity + Mindset Coach for the purpose-driven and faith-centered woman who wants show up in her life and business with clarity, confidence, and purpose.  I share with Christian women the power of business alignment that attracts success and fits into their core values, faith, and purpose. I believe that when you connect your unique purpose and business, you can create a life and business that keeps you inspired, focused, productive, and balanced. 

Through my coaching, blog posts, and community, I help overwhelmed women and entrepreneurs like you gain clarity for your life and business and help you implement the right tools so that you can move forward  with the right mindset and purposeful actions that align your goals to what matters most. 

If you struggle with finding purpose, gaining clarity and accountability around your goals, core values, and developing implementation plans, then stick around and let's get to know each other better.

Breshana Miller

My Purpose is to help you

  • Get aligned to your purpose,
  • Clarify and simplify your core values and vision,

  • Clear the chaos from your life and business
  • Develop a healthy mindset around your personal and spiritual development, business, and wellness
  • Create strategic implementation plans that you can easily follow, manage, and tweak along the way

My Story

I'm a multi-passionate mom of three, a Pastor's wife, and an entrepreneur who learned how to stop living a spastic life and create a life and business built on faith, my purpose, and core values.

When my life was out of alignment, I found myself starting projects and never completing anything, going from one idea to another all while trying to raise kids, manage my work, home, and ministry. I was trying to do everything well.  I unknowingly clinged to perfection, lacked confidence, and second guessed myself on just about everything.  I felt like I was always scattered and trying to keep up and catch up with everything I had to do and make it all look like it was easy.   I didn't have the clarity, organization, tools to help me focus nor did I have a deep connection to what I was actually doing.   Reaching my personal and business goals seemed nearly impossible and living a purposeful life felt like a race to anxiety and burnout with no end in site. 

Stop the madness!!!!

Once I made the decision to stop doing ev-va-ry-thing, simplify my goals and vision, get focused, organize, plan and implement the tools and systems things began to fall into place. I let my faith, purpose, and values guide me, I leveraged my gifts and strengths, shifted my mindset through faith and prayer, and implemented the right tools I needed to fearlessly step into my role as a Pastor's wife, mom, and entrepreneur.  I quit being best friends with perfection, procrastination, and pity.

And here's the thing....

I realized that almost everything I resisted being or doing in my life is where my breakthrough actually happened.  I was trying to do other things that had nothing to do with what God wanted me to do, my goals, or vision of success.  All the things I had been doing for others, I finally did for myself!

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I had everything I needed to create a business that I could lead and grow from the inside-out.  The connection I made between my business, purpose, and values positioned me to achieve my goals of helping women get out of their comfort zone, simplify their life and business, and create an impactful and purposeful business without burnout, stress, and overwhelm. 


I've helped others in the areas of career management, business process improvement, leadership and personal development, team training, general management consulting, project management, and biblical counseling.

NOW I want to help you create a heart-centered life and business that is uniquely connected to you and your purpose so that you can love what you do and do what you love.

Whether you're not sure where your journey begins or perhaps you’ve gotten off track and need to get back in alignment with what matters, I want to help you bring woo-sah back into your life and business and live on purpose.

Are you ready for Courageous Clarity?

Let's work together to end the cycle of feeling scattered, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled in your business.  Choose alignment and purpose over action and busyness so that you can reach your goals, simplify your life and business, and live a purposeful life.