5 Easy Ways to Get More Intentional and Focused on Your Purpose

As an Intentional Life Coach and Pastor's wife, I engage with a lot of women who absolutely know they have purpose, know they were created for more, and believe that their purpose will manifest itself someday. What I’ve learned along my journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of my purpose is that it does not always happen automatically or organically. It takes being intentional about your purpose and staying focused on it. 

Being intentional has so much meaning behind it. It’s important to know what your purpose is and how to focus on it.   The best starting point is to break down what being intentional means for your life and how to live it.  

5 Ways to be intentional and focused on your purpose


Being intentional looks different for everybody because all of our situations are different.  We have different amounts of available time, commitments, and responsibilities.   Here are a 5 ways  you can start being more intentional about pursuing your purpose and living out your passion.

Write It Out

Write down exactly what your purpose is or what you are passionate about that you want to pursue in your life right now.

When you take time to pen your thoughts, purpose, and passions, you gain clarity. It forces you to really think about it.  When you write, use a complete sentence.  Why?  Because it helps you to be specific as possible about who you are and what you want to do.  If you struggle with this, start with keywords first and then put them into sentences. It’s okay if you change this a couple of times.  Intentional begins with clarity.

For example. Let’s say you are passionate about eating healthy, helping women, fitness, and personal development.  All of those keywords by themselves can take on lots of different meanings, but if you think about HOW you want to bring these all together, notice that ultimately you want to help women.

So here’s how you could tie all those things together to describe exactly what you focus on.

I help women develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle by transforming their daily eating habits using personal development and fitness strategies.  

In that one sentence you know exactly what you do and how you do it.  Having that type of clarity makes you more confident in your skills and talents.  

Create an Intentional Roadmap

Think about the different ways you want to pursue your purpose as a wellness coach.  You don’t have to do it the same way everyone else is doing it, plus, people will appreciate your uniqueness or personality that you bring.

So this is where you can really step out of the box and think about all the ways you can make this happen. Continuing with our previous example, let’s roadmap this out.

  • You could sign up for an organization that promotes healthy lifestyles for women such as a multi-level marketing business.

  • Offer your service to a non-profit, women’s group, church, or request to hold a seminar at a local gym.

  • Start a blog and promote your fitness and transformation services online.

  • Tag team with other fitness instructors, nutritionists to promote your services.  

  • Host a healthy eating demo at your home or seminar at a library, hotel, hospital, or grocery store.

Based on what’s easiest or more practical for you to do, start there.  Where you start doesn’t mean you have to stay on that same path.  You will evolve, but just get started.

Since I work full-time and have small kids, it's not feasible for me to pursue everything that comes to my mind right now, but I’ve chosen my roadmap for now and will allow it to evolve as needed. How you start is not how you have to stay.  And always remember to

Create a Vision Board

Visuals can really boost your motivation and seeing yourself do what you love and what that looks like even a year or a few years from now will help you along the way. You can easily get started using Pinterest.  

Think about people who are already doing what you’re doing, even if it’s just a small part of what you want to do and use that as a visual to stay motivated.  

Be Always Learning

You don’t know everything there is to know about your area of purpose, so read other blogs and books that can teach you and help you expand your thoughts about your purpose.  If you don’t have much time to read, no worries, just browse through a book and pull out what you need.  Highlight those points or write it down and refer back to it when you need it.  Think about how you can take what you’ve learned and incorporate it either into your roadmap or action plan.

Go to an event that fits into your purpose whether it’s online or in-person that will feed and fuel your passion and creativity.

Turn Your Roadmap Into An Action Plan

This will take a little bit more time which is why I saved this for last.  Being intentional requires you to put action into your purpose.  Your action plan is based on what you choose to focus on.  Remember it’s best to focus on one thing at a time so that you don’t become overwhelmed or your intentions will turn into chaos and we don’t want that!

Continuing with our example of a wellness coach who wants to help women develop healthy lifestyles by develop healthy eating habits and fitness, let’s say you choose to start a blog to promote your services online. While I’m not diving into the details about how to start a blog on this post, you can give yourself a few deadlines to think about when you want to accomplish certain things to start your blog.

For example:

  • Create a name for your blog

  • Choose a web host

  • Design your website

  • Create a blog schedule

  • Brainstorm topics and start writing

  • Set a blog launch date

Here’s a peek into how I became more intentional to get focused on my purpose.

1.  Write It Out.  I wrote several versions of what I wanted to do to gain clarity about what really sparked my passion and felt authentic and true to my core.  I wrote several versions of this because I wanted to be settled in what I was doing.  Not that I couldn’t go back and revise it, but I wanted to be confident in the direction I was moving before I went too far ahead.

2.  Create an Intentional Roadmap.  I chose to start a blog to creatively live out my purpose.  I chose this roadmap because I already do some of this already through my church and other churches as well.  For years I’ve had the desire to incorporate a social cause into my purpose and thought about a few non-profits that I would like to tag team with to expand my reach.

3.  Create a Vision Board.  I created my vision board in Canva. There are people that I admire and appreciate the gifts that they bring into the world.  I don’t desire to be just like them, because then I would be limiting myself to someone’s purpose, but I stay updated on their website and products to keep me inspired. On my vision board, I used words that described who I am, what I have (present and future), and what I want my life to be like.

Goals Vision Baord

4.  Be Always Learning.  I do this everyday by reading other blogs. I use Bloglovin.  I’ve learned that even reading blogs of a different niche can teach me something.  I also learn through self-reflections.  This helps me discover what areas I need to work on or search inside myself for answers to some of my pain points.  When I get those answers, I think of ways I can overcome those pain points and turn them into a positive experience.

5.  Turn Your Roadmap Into an Action Plan.  Well, my action plan is what you’re reading right now.  I started my blog to help busy working moms live out their purpose, maintain balance, and be productive.

It's your turn.  Share with me the ways you are intentional and focused on your purpose?  What does intention look like to you and how do you live it out?  I'll highlight your awesome comments and share them in a blog post!