Blissful Blessings: What Creatives Need for Their Soul and Business

what creatives need for their soul and business

A word you will find floating all over my blog is 'bliss.' Bliss is truly what you make it.  As a business woman who totally relies on faith, I want to open up a special section on my blog titled 'Blissful Blessings a time of rest, renewal, and refreshment.  It's what we all need no matter what phase of life or business you are in.  I created this because out the need to refill and fulfill what our souls and spirit needs to stay energized, focused, calm, content, centered, and blissful. 

I want to share with you what it means to have abundance and to be content.  Our lives and business go through phases and whatever state we are in, the bible says we are to be content. You may not be happy with your current situation, or maybe you are, but whatever your current state, be content.  In the midst of contentment, you can experience the abundance that God has promised you.