Blog Traffic Report + Business Goals for September 2015

Hello there!  Now that I’m fully back in business with my blog, I thought it would be good to share my behind the scenes journey of success.  I love setting goals and most of all, I love reaching them every time. At the beginning of each month, I will share my, traffic report and my blog and business goals with you. I believe that being accountable and transparent will keep me motivated to stay on top of everything.  Once you’ve kind of put something out there for any and everyone to see, then you’re on the hook.  Doing this will also make sure I stay on track with the purpose of my blog and business and focus on things that bring value to my life.

One of the most important things I will share with you, meaning, I’m going to be super transparent and vulnerable here, is my blog traffic reports and business goals.  My blog is in its earliest stages and you and I can both watch this baby grow.  Sharing a blog traffic report is like letting someone take a look at your insides while you’re having open heart surgery.  Although the purpose of my blog is not to do show n’ tells of how to blog, but I know that there are many other bloggers/business owners who would appreciate seeing the details about how a blog grew and became successful.   There are so many successful bloggers out there, like Elle and Company who have killah traffic reports every month that many bloggers would envy or swoon over.  Thankfully, they give us something to look forward to. 

Even if you're not in the blogging industry, these monthly reports let you know that it's okay to start small.  As long as you set goals, map out an action plan, and commit to it, growth will come.   So here's the first look into my before the before and after.

August 2015 Goals

1.  Finish designing my blog.

2.  Come off my blogging hiatus. 

3.  Relaunch my blog. 

4. Start building an email list

I completed all of these tasks.  I wanted to push my launch date back, but decided against it.  I know I had to just launch the blog and stop trying to make everything perfect. 

Traffic Report

I launched my blog on Wednesday, August 19th around 4 pm with one blog post.  All stats are from August 19 -31.

Overall Stats: 

Sessions: 178

Users: 143

Pageviews: 332

Highest Traffic Day: Friday, 21 August

Blog Post: Two Key Benefits of Taking a Blog Break

Sessions: 78

Pageviews: 135

Users: 69

Top Social Media Referral: Facebook - 61 sessions

Social Media Stats: 

Top Social Media Network: Facebook

Sessions: 178

Facebook: 86

Twitter: 8

Pinterest: 1

This stat will become very important.  It will give insight about where my audience is and the social media platform that is driving traffic to my blog.  Pinterest is my lowest social media stat and is one of my goals for September. My Facebook audience is larger than my Twitter audience, I expected Facebook to rank at the top.

To see more reports from relatively new bloggers who didn't mind sharing the details of their blog traffic and insights, take a look at  Allison from Painted Summers and Marissa from Ampersand Creative. 

September 2015 Goals

Keeping in mind that I will only blog about 2-3 times a month, I know that my results will slightly differ from those who blog daily.  As I mapped out a few goals, I decided to categorize goals to maintain a good overview of the areas I needed to work on.  The category is listed next to each goal. Some of the goals listed are behind the scenes tasks I need to accomplish that will have an overall impact to my bottom line - blog growth, productivity, and business.  Ok, lets get to it!

1.  Create a Business account.  Business | Personal Development

This is one of the areas that tend to get overlooked by small business owners and consultants.  They mix their business and personal funds together to avoid fees and expenses, but in the long run, it is a huge headache.  Since my blog offers a consultation service, a business account is a must have.  Having a business account is a constant reminder that this is NOT a hobby.  It IS a business and it has to be treated like one.  A business account will also help me set a budget, plan for big expenses, and maintain monthly subscriptions to help keep things running smoothly.  

2.  Create a reader survey

At one point, I didn’t care for surveys to much, but I appreciate and understand the wealth of information that can be extracted from just a few simple questions.  Creating a reader survey will help me get to know my target audience better and stay on beat with their pulse points. Get it?  One of the added benefits of a survey is it helps businesses grow and offers direction some direction in which that needs to happen. 

3.  Organize my Pinterest board and pin more often - Blog

This is a big one!  I’ve super slowly chipped away at this.  I realize I need to dedicate some time focused on getting all my pins straight. Pinterest is a beast for driving traffic to blogs and and connect me with potential readers and clients.  Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platform for visuals, but I admit I have neglected it lately.  I plan to take the Pinfinite Growth eCourse created by Melyssa Grifin from The Nectar Collective.

4.  Identify and apply for guest contributions on at least 2-3 blogs - Blog

Guest posting is a tried and true way to get in front of different and larger audiences especially when in beginning of the business phase.  Guest blogging enhances brand awareness and and author rank.  I’m only choosing 2 -3 maximum in my niche to pitch.   

5.  Complete my Power Worksheets  - Personal Development | Business

These worksheets are absolutely amazing and worth every dime.  I believe in living life with purpose, passion, and intention.  These power sheets keep me focused on creating a meaningful life by doing the things with the people I love and some self care too!

6.  Organize my working documents - Productivity | Personal Development | Business

Ok, let me just say I have stuff everywhere, but I know where everything is.  You’ve heard of an organized mess, right?  Well I’m focusing on the mess part so I can just be organized.  Organization can make such a difference in productivity.  It has been proven that clutter can affect your ability to process information and focus.  While I don’t actually have clutter in my space, mentally, things are unorganized if they are not contained properly. 

7.  Increase my email list by 50 subscribers - Blog | Business

My email list is like my business collateral and is one indicator of the health and strength of my blog. This is an ongoing goal for me, so you will see it repeatedly.  Goals 2, 3, and 4, will help me accomplish goal 7 combined with providing high value content and attracting my ideal reader and potential client. Creating content that will reach my demographic (the survey will help answer this), reflects the service I provide, raises brand awareness is the best way I can ultimately increase my blog readership and subscribers. 

What are your blog, business, or personal goals for September?  I'd love to hear what you're working on right there in the comments below.  

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