Day 4 - Grace is What Grace Does

30 Days of GraceThe holidays are in full effect and I have been so tremendously blessed. Walking in the will of God and simply experiencing God's daily benefits keeps me standing in awe of Him. God has a way of working and it is so important to be in tune with the Holy Spirit so we can recognize God-designed interruptions and uncommon blessings.Throughout the year, my agency provides vendors the opportunity to to showcase their products. A vendor that I am very familiar with (because I have patronized their business a lot) were displaying a lot of great warm cozy items for the winter season. A young man whom I never met came near to where I was to look at the knit hats. I teased him about the hat because of the colors, but he then mentioned that the hat was not for him, but another coworker he had just had lunch with. When she found out that he was getting the hat for her, she was quite astonished and happy. I said to him how wonderful and nice of him it was to buy a gift for his coworker. The young man mentioned that someone did something really nice for him and he wanted to pay it forward so he did by offering the gift to the young lady. Then, he decided he was going to purchase a pair of leggings I was looking at. I was more astonished than the young lady he bought the hat for because I never met the gentleman. He said he was so blessed by what someone did for him, he just couldn't help but bless someone else. Needless to say, I was truly blessed. Oh, but it gets better. The vendor said she was so blessed by his giving that she decided to bless him and give him the knit hat and leggings for free. FREE! Oh we were all so blessed standing there giving each other hugs. God moved amongst all of us and we couldn't help but embrace each other in the spirit.

[important]Grace is what it does. It is unmerited favor and the free gift of God.[/important]

Days past by, but God had more in mind.  I was standing in the cashier line at the grocery store and there was a gentleman with his three kids in front of me.  I put my items on the belt and noticed a white envelope with coupons inside.  Without giving it any thought, I asked the man if the envelope belonged to him.  He said no, but decided to take it anyway,  Once his transaction was done, he told me thank you and that I helped save him $11.  I was glad to have helped in that way.  My heart was very joyful and I couldn't help but thank God for allowing me to bless someone else the same way I was blessed only a few days ago at work.  The blessing I was to him cost me nothing. Again, it was FREE!

[important]Let Grace have a place in your life.[/important]

During the holiday season, our lives can get so hurried, but God is never in a hurry and we should always be ready for grace to take its place in our lives.  When we do, our stories of blessings should be a story without end.

Graced to Grow in Him,