February Scripture Memorization Plan

February Scripture Memorization Plan Hello February!  I have been building my reservoir of scripture each month by following a scripture memorization plan.  Our best weapon and defense against the enemy is the Word of God.  When you know who God is (and there aren't enough words to describe Him), and know that you belong to God, the trajectory of your confidence and hope is far reaching.  I love to speak well of my God, after all He's done soooooo much for me!  I wouldn't be able to do this blog in confidence if God was not in my life. In case you're wondering what's the point of having a scripture memorization plan, here's a reminder of its benefits from The 2015 Life Transforming Scripture Memorization Plan post.

Proverbs 16:3 Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established. Just imagine if you commit to learning scripture, whether it’s every day, week, or month, the bible says God will establish your thoughts. Your thoughts will be stable, steadfast, made firm, and directed.  

  1. The process of memorizing allows you to meditate on the passage itself, which God uses to bring applications into your mind.
  2. Memorizing Bible passages helps us in a very real way to overcome daily struggles. When anxiety, discouragement, low self-esteem, or destructive thoughts make their way into our minds, a healthy storehouse of soul-strengthening words can quell them.
  3. The discipline itself is excellent for anyone who desires to grow closer to God.

February's scripture highlights a psalm of David when he praised God for delivering him from King Saul who wanted to kill him. David felt like he was surrounded by death on every side because Saul was so determined to destroy him.  Saul was jealous, angry, and felt threatened by David although David never meant Saul any harm.

We should be careful to not let anger, bitterness, and jealousy rule our spirit and control our response.  

February Scripture Memorization

GOD IS a Rock

This is an Old Testament title for God  signifying that God’s people can rely on him for absolute protection and salvation.

GOD IS a Fortress

A secure dwelling-place, often a city, protected by walled defences. God is seen as the fortress of his people, their security and divine protector. A high tower, or stronghold, in which I am out of the reach of real evils—the tower of salvation.

GOD IS a Deliverer

He is my savior, that rescues me out of the hand of those that seek my ruin

God sometimes brings his people into very great difficulties and dangers, that he may have the honour of saving them and they the comfort of being saved by him. 

We should always remember the marvelous works that God has performed in our lives, pray to him, and give thanks through praise and worship.

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Scripture Memorization Plan