How to Stop Your Limiting Beliefs from Limiting YOU

There's this concept or idea around focusing on limiting beliefs that I think is actually more limiting than liberating.

Mainly around the idea of income.

Whether it's reaching a stretchable income goal, increasing the prices of your offer, or talking about money on a sales call, there's always a need to think about the limiting beliefs around money.

But focusing your thoughts and energy around the limiting beliefs of money is not what I think that frees you to really build your business and become the ever-growing ambitious women you want.

If you compartmentalize your limiting beliefs, then you may be compartmentalizing your potential to succeed in a bigger way. So while you think you're working on your limiting beliefs in a particular area whether it be money or something else, limiting your limiting beliefs to just one thing is not the most expansive way to grow as a business owner.

Limiting beliefs can show up in your life and business in many ways, but where those beliefs surface is not necessarily the root of the belief. It's like doing inner work without doing the deep work, so then the real problem never really gets exposed and the opportunity to grow is missed.

In Matthew 25, the Parable of the Talents, the man who received the one talent and hid it gave God the excuse that he was afraid to sow it and so he hid it. God exposed the man's real problem. He called him wicked and lazy!


On the surface of this story, we could say the man had some fear and limiting beliefs around money and sowing. But he didn't! He was just too lazy to sow and his heart was not in the right place. He needed work on his heart and learn the value of work, serving, accountability, and being productive.

What if you focused on your limiting beliefs with no strings attached?

If numbers, like money, followers, sign ups, weren't an issue, what limiting beliefs would you uncover about yourself. What areas would you challenge yourself to grow, expand your conscious and subconscious thoughts, deprogram and reprogram your habits of activity and performance?

What would you think, feel, believe, perceive about yourself if you functioned from a place of knowing you already have everything you need?

What if showing up, being productive, creating successful habits, doing the deep work, and being accountable to your vision was less about the numbers and money and more about what was required of you to fulfill your purpose and create an impact.

Give yourself a no-strings attached goal. Focus on BEING AND BECOMING.

What I’ve learned and value more than numbers is

  1. My Being. Who am I, what example am I setting before my children and the women that I lead, and how am I applying self-leadership and accountability in the every day, and what success habits am I developing over time that will help me succeed.

  2. Becoming. I have a clear vision of what I want, where I’m going, and the kind of woman I am at that next level.

If you focus on your way of being, then becoming that woman will happen organically and faster.

Being the best version of yourself has nothing to do with money. God placed purpose and destiny inside of you before you knew who you were and the highest and best value we can place on our purpose is fulfilling it and honoring it without the need to be validated my money.

A few things you can do to start your journey

  1. Pray

  2. Buy a journal and commit to releasing your thoughts on paper

  3. Identify what you really want at the next level.

  4. Be real and hard-hugging honest about where you are today

  5. Write down at least two success habits you can implement today to build your faith and commitment

  6. Get accountability

I created a goal-setting guide to help you reduce the overwhelm with setting your goals and doing the work to succeed.

What are your goals and how you working towards becoming your best self?