My Life n' a Bag Swag

  Like most women in today's society, we are busy, on-the-go, working, networking, I am every woman kind of woman.  With so many places to go and so little time to always rearrange and switch bags, I recently had to acquire a new style called My Life n' a Bag Swag.   You know what SWAG is?  Well its a catch-all phrase used characterize one's personality, confidence, attitude, and style.    I used to call myself a bag lady because I carried so many bags with me everyday.  I didn't relish the idea of being a bag lady because, well, it just didn't equate to style, fashion, or anything pretty.  It sounded like a lady who was weighed down with a ton of bags and just couldn't get it together.  You know, the type with her hair tossed all over her head, clothes a mess, and a broken heel on her shoe.  Well, my hair has been tossed a few time, but my clothes have never really been too messy and I've had a broken heel on my shoe before (that was from shouting too hard at church. :-)

So to transform from Bag Lady to a Lady with Bag Swag, I started to acquire bags for different functions so that I never have to switch (except for my stylish purses of course) with the possibility of forgetting something or feeling unorganized.  Lack of organization can really take you off your A Game

Functionality, utility, fabric texture, woman-on-the-go  friendly [no crazy shapes that keep me from digging around in my bag longer than necessary]I have many bags and can't seem to ever get enough.  In my pre-motherhood days, I was all about purses [it sounds so much more dainty], but now that I'm in motherhood, I need a B-A-G!  Bags have become my best friend.  I realized I need a bag for almost everything.  When I say "I need a bag" I mean a real nice big one.  So between April and June, I've acquired a few bags that would help make my life easier to tote around.  So here's my Life n'a Bag Swag!

The Lug Life bag is a great organizing bag, especially when you have kids.  There are lots of compartments to make getting around easy.  You just have to remember where you put your stuff or you'll still end up digging through every compartment to find what you're looking for.  I found this plum bag at 50% off.  It has a very nice mesh compartment on the backside for soiled clothes or gym shoes. This is great for mothers who have extracurricular activities with their kids.  I use this bag for toting swim class items


My Thirty-One bags help me stay organized with my Stella & Dot business.  I keep all of my trunk show display items in my Bloom bag and my Jewelry Show-on-the-go items in my U R U bag.  Thirty-One Utility tote bags are also great for storing and carrying grocery bags, beach/pool items, sporting goods, clothes for the dry cleaners, or toys.

My Stella & Dot Jewelry Travel Case.  This is a super cute travel bag that I use for on-the-spot jewelry showcase and travel. Because the bag is so functional, you could use it to store arts and crafts, hair accessories, or toiletries.





This combination tote bag/back pack is great to use on vacations and casual excursions through the city.  When I'm out browsing on vacation, I pack a lot of stuff like water, towelettes, sunscreen, and snacks.  The rest of the space is for small goodies.



My delightful sunshiny bag is one of my favorites.  It's super deep, cute, and has lots of compartments.  It functions really nice as a baby bag as well.