My Word for 2018

This post arrives to you a little, but as the year settles in I’ve leaned into my word of the year and gained more clarity on my core values and goals for the year. My word of the year isn’t something that I just make up and think about how it makes me feel, but I looked back into what my previous year was like, what worked what didn’t and decide how I need to fill in the gaps.


Looking back in 2017 helped me identify my word for 2018. 

My Words for 2017

Consistency, discipline, and visibility. I chose these three words because I felt that it was what I needed for my business at the time.  I recognized that there were some areas in my life that lacked consistency and I needed to get more visible for my business. 

I needed:

Discipline to develop the proper routines and habit to reach my goals.

Consistency to build momentum in my life and business with gaining new clients, building relationships, and community.

Visibility to build my expert authority on my social media platforms and increased collaborations.

While these three words are important and a necessity for any business owner, I experienced some struggles throughout the year.  And it happens to us all! You’re not alone!


But rather than focusing on what didn’t happen, here’s what I celebrated in my business so far.

  • Featured on Two Moms and One Podcast

  • Featured in the Motherhood on Purpose Facebook Community

  • Supported five clients in their business

  • Hired a Creative Entrepreneur Coach to develop my content strategy

  • Participated in the Little Black Desk Society Mastermind

  • Attended the Esther Community Meet-up

  • Joined doTERRA as a Wellness Advocate

  • Increased my email list by 46%

  • Had 11 virtual business coffee dates

  • Increased my FB page likes by 40%

  • Hosted two Essential Oil webinars

  • Implemented systems automation to streamline my business and work less

  • Started The Simply Purposeful Entrepreneur community

  • Launched the Brand Clarity Cleanse Masterclass and Workbook

  • Created a Christian Leadership Development class which I believe is the beginning of a curriculum God is birthing in me

I know there are many entrepreneurs who can wrap circles around my accomplishments, but this has been my most productive year by far and I’m proud of the accomplishments I’ve made along the way.


How I'm moving forward in 2018

Initiative is the catalyst to action and momentum so if you’re ready to take action, then take initiative and just start.  The only thing you risk when you take initiative is staying where you are, and if you don’t want that, then you have everything to gain.  

If you struggle between deciding how to start or whether you should start at all, then just start.

My overall 2018 business goals for 2018

  • Participate in collaborations

  • Host an online conference

  • Provide at least 2 training presentations or workshops quarterly

  • Support 25 women in their vision and business goals

  • Continue to grow my email list and Facebook community exponentially

  • Be featured on 5 podcasts

  • Launch an e-course

  • Create a 30-day devotional


My 2018 word is…..COURAGEOUS!

And here’s why…..

Towards the end of the year, the story about Joshua and Caleb crossing over the Jordan into the land God promised them years before kept coming to my mind.  Joshua and Caleb believed in the promise God gave them so they were determined to go over the Jordan and seize the land.

I thought about some of the times in my business when I hesitated in taking action because I wondered what others might think of me and if they would take me seriously.  I thought about rejection; people not wanting what I have and not valuing my work, service, or products.  

The fear-driven predictions that I already accepted for myself before actually doing anything was not what I wanted for my business.I knew that if I wanted to take my success to the next level, fear could not be in the driver’s seat.

I then realized that regardless of where we are in our business, we all have our own Jordan river to cross to get to the next level. It’s what separates us from ‘here and there,’ from ‘today and someday,’ and from ‘I should have and I did.’

I knew that in order for me to get those collaborations, guest features, continue to build my platform authority, carve out my own path, stay out of the shadows of others, write the book, launch the course, and whatever else God has planned for me, it’s going to take courage.

God told Joshua three times to fear not and be of good courage.  To me, that meant that there will be some giants, big and small and moments of self-doubt, but the promise was still his. He just needed to stay focused and have courage.

As I was crafting the sales page copy for my coaching program, I wanted to give it a title that represented was God assigned me to do right now - to help women cross their Jordan river and to pursue their purpose through service, entrepreneurship, and leadership. This is how the name, Courageous Clarity Coaching Program came to be.

Everything about this program resonates with my brand core and my desire is to support women leverage their gifts, skills, talents, and experiences and create a purposeful business with clarity and confidence to take the first or next step in their business.

Share in the comments your word for 2018 and how did you choose it.