Breshana's October Goals and What I've Been Up To

Hey friends!  On today's blog post, I'm sharing my business goals, blog traffic stats, and what I've been up to so far this month.  This blog post is uber late, but I was determined to get it done. My life has been quite a whirlwind this month.  October has been my busiest month so far which is why this post is so late.  Nevertheless, I wanted to hold myself accountable to me and you.  One of the hardest things to do is to not be able to give myself a check next to all of my goals.  Even though I didn’t check everything off my list, having a list of goals helps me keep track of what I need to do. 

The big thing for me this month was I realized I had too many goals on my list.  I manage my own home and business, meaning no housekeeper, no nanny, no Virtual or Personal Assistant, no copywriter, and no social media manager.  So with all of the demands I dealt with in September and most of October, I didn't get around to creating this post towards the beginning of the month.  So I decided to skip my September goals check-in and jump right to October. 

The most important thing I did in September was be more intentional with building my marriage and that was not on my list of goals.  No judging now!  So I don't actually put my marriage on my goals list because it's not something I think you can check off the list.  Perhaps if I wanted to schedule a date night, but when it comes to just nurturing a marriage, there should never be a check because a marriage could never have too much nurturing.  Sometimes, life and business can throw curve balls at us.  As much as I wanted to plug into social media and my blog, my marriage comes first and it needed some more attention. So I did (am doing that too!) and I gave myself a big check mark for doing that.

September/October Goals

1.  Create a Business account.  Business // Personal Development

Not yet.  I purposely chose not to do this last month and really hadn't set it high on my priority list to complete during my spare time. 

2.  Create a reader survey - Blogging // Business

Check!  I did and emailed it.  

3.  Organize my Pinterest board and pin more often. Blogging

Not yet.  I didn't even buy the course yet.  Based on the September was going, it seemed like I wasn't going to be able to find time to complete it. This is a must-do for me though.

4.  Identify and apply for guest contributions on at least 2-3 blogs - Blogging

1/2 Check.  I identified two blogs I would like to guest contribute, but I haven't applied yet.

5.  Complete my Power Worksheets by Lara Casey. - Personal Development // Business

1/2 Check. Still in progress.

6.  Organize my blog papers, printables, and working documents.  Productivity // Personal Development // Business

Not Yet.  I just totally dropped the ball on this one. 

7.  Increase my email list by 50 subscriber - Blogging // Business

I gained 20 email subscribers.  This is less than half of my goal 

General Stats: 

Sessions:  320 (+80%)

Users: 248 (+73%)

Pageviews: 682 (+105%)

Highest Traffic Day: Friday, 25 September

Blog Post: The Blue Sky Day Designer Giveaway Winner

Sessions: 39

Pageviews: 64

Users: 6

Social Media Stats:

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 10.51.39 PM.png

Top Social Media Network:  Twitter

Sessions: 320

Facebook: 35  (-57%)

Twitter:21 (+162%)

Pinterest: 1 (0)


I'm using the K-I-S-S method for the remaining of the month, 'Keep it Short & Simple.' Instead of creating new goals, I'm going to finish what I started in September. 

1.  Organize my blog papers, printables, and working documents.  Productivity // Personal Development // Business

2.  Complete my Power Worksheets - Personal Development // Business

That's it my dear.  Just those two goals so I can give myself some checks! 

Share what's on your list of goals for October in the comments below?