Two Things You Need to Stop if You Want to Scale Your Online Business


There are two main things that you absolutely have to stop doing when you uplevel your business.  It’s actually simpler than you think, but most of the time you’re overthinking about what you need the most.

In this video, I’m sharing with you how you can really step out of what’s holding you back and begin to take your business to the next level so that you can begin to create five-figure months with ease.



Fear of failure is definitely the root of most mindset blocks that keep you from success.  Most of all, when you have a discovery call with a potential client and you sense that they are afraid to take the next move, do not absorb or take their doubt and confusion and lack of clarity as your own.  This will cause you to begin to question and doubt your ability to transform your client's life and business. 


I’m a firm believer that mediocrity breeds mediocrity and fruit bears a fruit after its own kind. If you show up with doubt and fear and confusion, you're going to fear.  This is self-sabotage because you diminish your ability as a coach to help them get the results they want and need. 

Have full confidence in what it is you know you can do and stand boldly in that without doubt! 

Your potential clients need to realize from the very beginning before they sign up and pay you, they need to realize fear is the issue and you have to set your boundaries if you want your potential client to sign up and work with you. So remember don’t allow their fear to become yours.  When you to own up to what it is that you know you can do, trust it, then you can move forward powerfully and help your clients get amazing results.

One thing you will hear me talk about is the difference between creating momentum in your business with confidence and creating drag with fear.  I call this mental molasses!   Sometimes the clients that you work with will have molasses somewhere in their business and usually, it’s in their mindset.  You as the high-level coach will have to recognize the molasses and call it out so that your client can continue to move forward.

Create momentum and not molasses!

Don't be afraid of failure because your failure is a filter and you cannot you absolutely cannot doubt your gift, your voice, or your message, or yourself. Even if you're working with someone and they are doubting whether they want to work with you, the doubt is not on you it's on them.

What do you think has held you back from taking the next step in your business?  Tell me in the comments below!