What is a Brand Strategy and Why You Need One

You have a business, but every business needs a brand strategy for long-term success and impact.   Most entrepreneurs generally start out in entrepreneurship with focusing on what can they sell that they are good at, but this is the cart before the horse method of creating a long-term viable business which is technically not an ideal way to build a business.

If you don’t have a brand then you just have a service that you want to sell with really no vision or impact identity.  You’re just selling stuff. But you feel like your services are more than just stuff, right? But without creating a brand, your business has no strategy for impact, vision, or long-term guide.

So what is a brand strategy and why you one.  

A Brand Strategy is encompasses the characteristics, attributes, personality, core essence of a business. Your brand is what creates the impact of what you offer in your business and builds a culture and following beyond your services.

Not everyone thinks of starting with a brand strategy when they first launch out into business, but having the right brand strategy in place will make building your business, attracting clients, and positioning your services so much easier.


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A brand strategy consist of several elements such as your voice, style, promise, message, story, values, vision, identity, and target audience. Most entrepreneurs tend to skip over everything and jump straight to their identity and target audience. A brand brings many of the intangible elements of your business to your target audience’s mind which shapes how they perceive you as a person, how they connect with your personality, and how you make them feel as a potential client.

And trust me, emotions are huge when it comes to building a brand.  So don’t overlook this very important intangible asset that you can influence.

An effective brand strategy is essentially creating space for you to influence your target audience to know who you are, what you’re about, why they should care, and how  you can help them.

Here are a few benefits to having an effective brand strategy:

  • You create and accelerate the know love and trust factor with your ideal clients - no more struggling to get clients!
  • You leverage your brand advantage or competitive edge in the market that sets you apart from others - no more blending in!
  • You can increase your buying power in the the online market - no more low priced offers!
  • You know how to communicate to your idea clients - no more crickets!

Another big reason why you need a brand strategy which actually has nothing to do with the main benefits. It’s bigger than that.  

You need a brand strategy because you have a purpose.  

If you are a passionate purpose-driven entrepreneur and see your business as a calling and not just something you do to make money, YOU NEED A BRAND STRATEGY!  If your purpose is merely summed up into getting sales and quantifying the hourly calls you offer in your service, then you are overlooking and undervaluing the gifts and change that you bring into this world.

And this is where I step in (ta-dah!) because that is my gift and one of my areas of expertise - to discover and extract the value of your gifts and bring clarity to your brand so that you can fulfill your vision and make the money you want to make while doing it with heart, soul, and purpose.

Now here are a few next steps for you. Ask yourself….

  • Do you feel like you’re just building a business?

  • Do you focus on creating a connection with your audience or just the sales transaction?

  • Does your business have an identity and a vision?

  • Do you have an audience that likes to hang out with you online?

  • If you disappeared for a few weeks or months, would your audience wonder what happened to you?

  • Have you been committed to your purpose or feel like you get easily distracted?

If you have given yourself anything other than a “heck yes!” then it’s time to shift and start creating your custom brand strategy.   

Want to find out what you custom brand strategy can look like for you and your business?  Being unique will become your new normal.  Click here to schedule your call.