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Business + Mindset Coach helping purpose-driven women boss up their mindset, unlock their zone of genius and transform into a fearless entrepreneur


***No Rules & No Hustle Required***

BRANDS THAT SELL is 3 months of power-packed intense inner and external upleveling that will transform how you do business forever! 


You're a visionary and multi-passionate woman with purpose and you're ready to be a gamechanger, but every path to success you've tried has left you bumping up against a glass wall.  You've pivoted your heart out hoping the next turn in your business will be it and it's led you to nothing but self-sabotage, doubts, and feeling like nothing you do will ever work. 

Are you tired of just seeing what you want and you're ready to step into and start owning what belongs to you?

Then we were meant for each other. This is just the beginning of the best experience you will have when you break those glass walls and start creating a brand that does business not just different, but your way. 

The most powerful way to empower a brand is to reveal YOU as the highest value

Bring clarity, cohesion, and alignment between the heart and soul of who you are and your business  so that your brand fully represents who you are, who you serve, what your offer, and the value you bring to this world. 



You are absolutely ready for deep work and major shifts that will immediately  put your confidence in high gear and inject pure potency into your brand. 

You want to get in full unwavering alignment with who you are and what you were meant to do. Doing what you love and getting paid for it. 

You're naturally used to following all of the rules and tried and true strategies, but you're ready to break out of that and start changing the game on how business can be done without all the rules and hustle. I'm talking anti-stress, anti-overwhelm, and anti-unpaid!



If you are a coach, consultant, or service-based provider that felt like more content, a bigger email list, and a better system was the answer to your business success, but it didn't work.

You kept pivoting in your business because you felt like your offer wasn't a good fit for you or your ideal clients or you just didn't know what to offer so you stayed stuck trying to create the perfect program.

You actually believe that what you have is good, but how you show up through your content is not creating the "I NEED THIS NOW" factor for your ideal clients

 You feel like what you do, say, or create doesn't seem to work and you're tired of the marketing madness so you stop showing up and it's crippling your confidence every single day

You're attracting people who have to "think about it" instead of "I'm ready to do this" kind of clients and it's draining you and your magnetic energy.  You're completely over it!!


We peel back all the layers so you don't treat your business like a suitcase!  Dragging all your stuff (myths, lies, limiting beliefs, and fears) around that's slowing you down, holding you back, and keeping you subconsciously stuck, uptight, and a bit boring!

This brand strategy that you are about to enter is unlike any brand strategy you've ever seen.  It's not designed to squeeze you into something that doesn't fit you like a glove.  We create YOUR BRAND STRATEGY EXCLUSIVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL YOU that's ready to create some major shifts in the way you want to make an impact. 



Uncover your money leaks and leverages to optimize your content so that your marketing system is magnetic and completely irresistible.      



Reveal your true gamechanger status.  Get crystal clear on your brand message, drizzle it with unshakeable confidence, and unleash your authentic message.  


Bring out that brilliant and magnetic woman so you can show the world who you really are and what you're about.  Your competition becomes irrelevant.  


Create your own rules, boundaries, and values and staying fully connected to your purpose and everything you were meant to create to be a light to the world. 



Create a signature dream offer that you stand behind 1000% and can sell in your sleep because it's just that good.  Plus you ditch all the fears behind your pricing and start creating the income you truly want. 


Level up your content and client attraction strategy that that puts your marketing and sales in easy mode. We co-create your unique content plan that's fully aligned to you, plus I show you how to get your dream clients in your inbox and DMs.  


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You will be clear, confident, and  in full alignment with the vision and heart and soul of your brand - signature offers, how you show up, and what you want to share with your community will light you up.  Your marketing is effortless and practically feels like it's on autopilot. 


You'll have a clear impactful message that is exclusive to you and gains the attention of your dream clients because your message connects them to your brand your way in your own words.


Uncover your income strategy that won't pull you out of your zone of genius.  You get to stay focused on doing what you love and how you want to do it.  And you finally feel like you get to make money in your business the way you want to.  You don't feel like an employee on a job anymore. You're the brilliant boss that finally found her flow, business, money, and all! 


I know you want to uncover your exclusive strategy that will accelerate you to success without squeezing yourself into a strategy that does not leverage your inner strengths and your most authentic self. 

Fitting in is not your forte, but you've been trying all along and you're ready to break free from that.  Yes!  I know you're not a rebel, but you don't mind shaking things up a bit.  You don't believe you have to be confined to not feel like a sell out! 

Yes, girl you can still bring all of that energy, creativity, fire, and passion to forefront of your brand without comprising who you truly are!


Imagine sharing your vision over coffee with a trusted girlfriend that can capture your ideas and thoughts and strategize it into a easy-to-implement content marketing plan that fits you and your personality. 

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Working with Breshana was refreshing, powerful, and exciting.

She really listened to what I needed help with. She gave me strategies on how to scale my business, bring greater focus to my work, and position myself to stand out and speak the language of my ideal client. She heard and identified my unspoken limiting beliefs and helped me to shift my mindset from a place of inadequacy to a place of credibility and step with what I knew I could do. Breshana is a great listener, engaging, and full of insight. - Pam Cappabianca - Breakthrough Coach


You have complete alignment, clarity, and fulfillment in your business and the joy of knowing that you are the highest value of your brand. 

Marketing and sales is easy.

You feel beyond good about your message, your prices, and how you show up in your business.

You lead your business with heart and soul and do your work with passion and purpose.

Clients crave you.  You know what they want, where they are, how to serve them. 

It's possible for you if you're ready to stand out in your own unique way and take BRANDS THAT SELL approach to brand strategy.


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Breshana’s expertise made my plans and focus so much clearer

I discovered Breshana at the beginning of launching my business. I had an idea of how I wanted to establish my business, but I had no clear direction as to how market it and bring it into existence.  Breshana helped me develop the essential marketing strategies that helped me reach ideal clients beyond my intended scope. 

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Breshana helped me  leverage my unique gifts  to better target my customers.

Breshana gave me the exact strategies I needed to grow my business.  After working with her I was motivated and confident to go forth with more momentum in my business.  I gained insight on the tools that I already had. She helped me move beyond my limiting beliefs of discouragement. With her help, I was able to confidently market my products and actually get clients who wanted my products.  Alicia Cowans, Founder, Sweet Treats


Schedule a clarity call, and if we're a fit, you begin your client experience. 


(10) 1-hour strategy calls hosted on Zoom, recorded, and provided to after each session. Each call must be scheduled at least one apart.  

Collaborative working space set up in Asana with unlimited online support. 

Accountability check-ins between sessions to maintain high-touch support and accountability throughout the program. 

3-month Investment: $3000 one-time payment OR $3500 paid in 3 monthly installments.

By working with me as your Brand Strategist, you get access to all of my brand business wisdom, gifts in vision casting, strategic planning, and expertise in personal brand and mindset empowerment with loads of high level support and accountability.  

You grow your business from the inside out with more of you at the heart and core of your brand and less boxed-in tactics that pull you out of your zone.