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Breshana is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs to do what what they have been gifted to do and monetize it into a profitable business. Through her coaching and business development, she helps women elevate into their best next level self to be and do what they love.

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The gifts and knowledge that you possess is the answer that your clients have been waiting for. You have a wealth of knowledge and unmatched ability to serve powerfully in your gift, but you haven’t fully embodied who you were created to be and how you were meant to show up.

You’re a brilliant, high achieving woman who has tasted success. You’ve enjoyed your career, but you know deep down inside you don’t feel nearly as successful as others think because you know you were created to do more and create an impact in a bigger way.

Now you’re here and since you are reading this, that means, you want to accelerate your path to more. Tell me…

Have you muted the voice that speaks to your heart and soul because of what you’ve seen other entrepreneurs do?

Did you settle for doing work that doesn’t light you up and leave you desiring more?

Have you tried to model other strategies or entrepreneurs that could not translate your gifts into a powerful business model that fits you?

If you said yes, that’s because you were blessed with the gift of not fitting in!



You will have the clarity and confidence to show up in your business doing exactly what you have been created to do.

You will know how to leverage your most powerful assets - your gifts, expertise, strengths, and knowledge so that your audience and your future clients will see you as the fierce leader and expert you are and need

You will have a strategy that is unique to you and a packaged offer that positions YOU as the answer to WHAT your people need.

Who YOU are will be in full alignment with what you were uniquely created to do. You will no longer settle for good enough and step in the greatness that has your name on it!

You give yourself permission to step into your next level of possibility and expansion so that you create the success you desire and deserve!

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You want to have a business that brings forth all of your gifts, skills, and talents and not just some of them

You want to be clear about who your ideal clients are and the results they get when they work with you

You want to be clear about what makes you unique and why people should work with you

You want your work to have meaning and fulfillment and not just a paycheck.

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During our 3-MONTH PARTNERSHIP we will draw out the best in you and implement it into a powerful business that you will love. You will receive:

  • One Gallup Strengths Assessment and one DNA Deep Dive Assessment

  • Half-Day Intensive designed to clarify, align, and catalyze your vision and business for swift implementation

  • Bi-weekly one-on-one strategy calls

  • Unlimited Voxer access as a sounding board to keep you focused, clear, and accountable

  • Expert advice and guidance to develop your business strategy, model, and signature service for growing and scaling your business

  • Weekly accountability check-ins and custom assignments, as needed

Investment: $3000