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Breshana is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs to do what what they have been gifted to do and monetize it into a profitable business. Through her coaching and business development, she helps women elevate into their best next level self to be and do what they love.

Goals to Action Accountability


You can finally stop wondering when you're going to start working on your God-given vision to create and cultivate your business. 

If you struggle with getting motivated to take action and just can't seem to create the momentum you need to be and stay consistent with reaching your goals, then now is not the time to hesitate. Take action with accountability.

The Goals to Action Accountability Group is not your average group with check-ins, to-do's, and how did it go questions.

You get a LIVE goal achieving working session with accountability and support from other women who are ready to focus and crush their goals in 2018.

You want in on this if

You struggle with setting your goals and prioritizing your time to focus on your vision

You don't know where to start or what to do next

You get easily distracted and lose focus

Doing it alone is not working for you


No matter how hard you try to reach your goals, without a clear executable strategy, focus, and accountability, you will always look at your pretty calendar and wish you had done things differently.

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Are you ready to go beyond the goal with action?

Here's what in it for you:

  • Week 1 - Power it Up: Business training, brainstorming, and craft actionable strategies to get clear on your business idea or clarity on the next step to take in your business
  • Week 2 and 3 - Mobilize to Momentum:  Weekly working accountability sessions hosted on Zoom. 
  • Week 4 - Sustaining Success: Celebrate your big wins, review, and your next step.
  • A private online community to support and communicate with other entrepreneurs in between sessions

  • 30-Day Goal to Action Assessment Worksheet

Sessions will be held every Tuesday starting March 6th - March 24th

Seating is limited