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Business + Mindset Coach helping purpose-driven women boss up their mindset, unlock their zone of genius and transform into a fearless entrepreneur

 Let's Uplevel Your Business



A 4-month high-level mentorship program for online coaches who want to desire to discover and go deeper into their purpose, gifts, and expertise to uplevel their business and confidence and finally begin to attract their next level dream clients and income.  

This program is for ambitious purpose-driven coaches that are ready to stop playing small and uplevel their coaching business from the inside out.  Together, I help you create clarity and alignment between you and your business so that you can authentically, confidently, and powerfully step into your God-given purpose and bring mind-blowing value-based results to your clients that only you can provide.

You're in the right place if you want to:

Become a high-end client magnet that serves and sells with ease and confidence.

Show up in your community without shrinking your message, second guessing yourself and feeling fraudy and awkward for charging a premium prices for your services.

Have a steadfast and unmovable mindset that will stretch, challenge, and pull you out of your own crap so you can make power moves in your business like a boss.

Finally have those days off that you can enjoy without freaking out about finding clients and constantly having to be online.

Stop blending in and create your own stand-out coaching business on your own terms

What would you do?

    Because already have what it takes to uplevel, but tapping into your zone of supergenius and serving your clients in five-star mode will always be a struggle if fear, doubt, self-sabotage, lack of faith, clarity, or confidence keeps silencing and suffocating your most powerful asset of your business - YOU, YOUR GIFT, YOUR VOICE, YOUR GENIUSNESS. 

    Your life and business could finally be what you've been dreaming of

    You log off and close your laptop at a decent hour

     You're in total alignment with your purpose, strengths, and love your Mondays just as much as you love Fridays. 

    You enjoy taking breaks from your business and treating your family to a well-deserved vacation or staycation 

    You feel good about showing up in your business and serving your clients in your most powerful and transforming way

    Together we will:

    Clarify Your Mission, Vision, and Purpose

    Identify the misaligned gaps that create disconnection and disharmony in your business foundation.  You'll get clear on what it is you truly want for yourself, your passion, and your business. 

    Uncover your God-designed gifts, uniqueness

    Get clarity on the results that only you can deliver in your niche.  We will uncover those powerful gifts and expertise and deeply explore and understand what makes you uniquely you - the Core DNA of what you're good at and makes you unlike any other. 

    Unblock, Renew, and Uplevel Your Mindset

    This is mindset mastery and next level preparation and sustainability.  We remove inhibitions, break down the barriers of limited thinking and power up your faith and inner coach to step up and fearlessly own your zone.  This becomes the fuel for the fire you bring into your business. 

    Package Up Your Gifts and Genius into a Powerful Coaching Program

    We bring all of you to the forefront of your business to make you irresistible and highly sought after in your online space. Create or revise your signature offer so that it is compelling and attractive to your ideal client and completely aligned to your gifts and expertise.  

    Infuse Confidence, Faith, Value Worthiness, and Authentic Pricing in Your Business

    Raise your faith and belief system and align your worth, value, and program pricing to confidently share and sell your sellable message and offer in a way that speaks to your ideal client. 

    High-Touch Accountability with Spirit-led and High-Performance Support and Guidance

    You, the lady, the coach behind the business needs full support throughout your uplevel experience.  This is not a coach-n-go style program where you only hear from me only once a week.  You have exclusive and unlimited access to me through Voxer and will receive ongoing accountability check-ins. We ensure that your business is set up in the most hustle-free way that is ideal for you and your lifestyle. We manage your productivity, energy, and habits and use aromatherapy focus techniques to ensure you are thriving at your optimal level.   

    By the end of the program you will have an irresistible signature offer that you can sell with ease and confidence. 

    You confidently and gracefully step into your role as an expert leader and coach in your niche for your dream clients who need you. 


    I'm a High-level Business Mentor who understands the God-given call on your life and the purpose that you must walk in.  You need a mentor that "gets you" and can actually guide you on how to be a powerful entrepreneur without hiding behind your powerful message, sacrificing who you are, or your values. 

    My gift is I know how to tap into your business vision and gifts to create clarity and alignment between you and your business so that you can authentically and confidently own and leverage your God-given purpose and bring mind-blowing value-based results to your clients. You feel good about doing the work you do because you know you were designed and meant for it. 

    I fully believe in the power of accountability, consistency, stepping outside of the comfort zone, strategic planning, taking action, and head-and-heart feedback. As my client, I am invested in you and partner with you in your success, which is increasing your revenue so that you can fully enjoy your business your way because to me, that is the only way.   

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    If you want to create a unique purpose-driven business that gives you the lifestyle freedom, fulfillment, and income you've always dreamed about, then it's time for you to take the next step....

    Investment: $5000 up front (recommended)

    $1500/months for 4 months


    I've been where you are.  

    When I started my coaching business, I was afraid to fail and played and stayed small.  I bought into all the shiny objects that I could barely afford, offered free coaching sessions, and only charged $800 to work with me for three months.  

    I was tired of the hustle because I knew that I was meant for more and was ready to take action and start owning my powerful potential.  Within 4 months of re-strategizing my coaching business, I was featured as a guest expert in paid and exclusive online communities, podcasts and signed three clients in one month.

    And that was only a stepping stone into what I desired as a business owner....but I was exhausted and afraid to go after my big goals.

    Now I'm doing more of what matters to me and you should too1

    Work with me and we'll uplevel your coaching business that is 100% you with the mindset and confidence to match.   

    What My Clients Have to Say

     Pam Cappabianca - Breakthrough Coach

    Pam Cappabianca - Breakthrough Coach

    Working with Breshana was refreshing, powerful, and exciting. She really listened to what I needed help with. She gave me strategies on how to scale my business, bring greater focus to my work, and position myself to stand out and speak the language of my ideal client. She heard and identified my unspoken limiting beliefs and helped me to shift my mindset from a place of inadequacy to a place of credibility and step with what I knew I could do. Breshana is a great listener, engaging, and full of insight. I enjoyed working with her very much.
     Alicia Cowans - Owner, Sweet Treats

    Alicia Cowans - Owner, Sweet Treats

    Breshana gave me the exact strategies I needed to grow my business.  After working with her I was motivated and confident to go forth with more momentum in my business.  I gained insight on the tools that I already had. She helped me move beyond my limiting beliefs of discouragement and better leverage my unique gifts and tools I had to better target my customers. With her help, I was able to confidently market my products and actually get clients who wanted my products.

     Shareese McPhee - Communication Coach & Oya Salon Owner

    Shareese McPhee - Communication Coach & Oya Salon Owner

    I discovered Breshana at the beginning of launching my business. I had an idea of how I wanted to establish my business, but I had no clear direction as to how market it and bring it into existence.  Breshana provided me with a vast amount of resources on how to create and build an eye-catching website and essential marketing strategies that helped me reach ideal clients beyond my intended scope. Breshana’s expertise made my plans and focus so much clearer

    This program is for you if:
    • You are an faith and purpose-driven online coach who's frustrated with not getting results. 

    • You truly want to be a stand out coach that's not afraid to level up and carve your own path to attracting your next level dream clients and income without feel fraudy or like a sell out. 

    • You know the value of investing in your business and value yourself enough to actually do it for yourself. 

    • Tired of hustling in your business to get a client.  

    If you tired of playing small, round-the-clock hustling, and selling yourself short when YOU KNOW you were meant for more, then stop lurking and click the button!


    Do you offer refunds?  No I don't offer refunds.  I only work with women who are ready to be 100% committed to their vision because that's what it takes to make it happen.  If you leave yourself with an escape route, then you have already done yourself a disservice and set yourself up with the option to stay stuck where you are.   If you are serious enough about your business, then being fully committed with your time and money is the only option. 

    What makes your program so different? Other than the fact that I'm really good at what I do, I have expert corporate and online business knowledge in strategic planning, business process improvement, business development, and leadership.  I'm also a Pastor's wife, (yes, uh-huh) and have mentored women on many different levels of life and business through teaching, conferences, workshops, and biblical counseling.

    My supergenius is giving you the best combination of business strategy and mindset. I combine my gifts, skills, and experience with Christian, spirit-led guidance and support that will equip you to become the premium coach you aspire to be.

    You won't find anyone who can do what I do and how I do it; my gifts, expertise, and style are exclusive. I'm a rare gem of a coach that stands authentically in her expertise as a strategic visionary and creative intellectualist who can take your coaching platform from mass market to elite status.   

     How do I get started?  Click the button and fill out the pre-screening application.  Once your application is reviewed, if you're a good fit, I'll send you a link to talk on the phone about your business.