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Business + Mindset Coach helping purpose-driven women boss up their mindset, unlock their zone of genius and transform into a fearless entrepreneur
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I get it! You want to stay faith-focused and build your business at the same time, but most of the programs or courses you’ve been in haven’t taught you what you need THE WAY you need it.

You want to go bold and strong in your business, but you’re tired of being flooded with all the worldly spirituality tactics that go against your core values and biblical truth.

And most of what you have experienced in your business until now is a lot of promises that don’t get you to what you really want.

And here’s why….

You haven’t decided on what you really want, but deep down inside you know you want a purpose-driven business and clients that want to work with you RIGHT NOW!

You believe that there is a particular way you are supposed to build your business, but you still haven’t found the strategy that has proved to be exactly what you need.

You think that you can plug and play into someone else’s proven strategy that will get you results faster.

You still find yourself doing the same thing knowing it’s not going to get you a different result, but you don’t know what else to do

And all of this has led you to total frustration, no strategy that you actually want to do consistently, and no clients.

You tell yourself that you really want your business to work in spite of all the ups and downs you’ve had

You have dreams and goals and you want to see yourself as an amazing coach with clients who come to you wanting to know how to work with you

You envision having a successful business built on solid faith foundation that allows you to fulfill your entrepreneurial calling, change lives, and have the joy and freedom of doing it in your most authentic and magnetic way.

But there’s one problem

You’re consuming strategies and systems that don’t make room for you to be the most epic woman, coach, and mentor that your perfect match clients need and no one has been able to bring to the surface the powerful woman inside of you that can position herself to create the impact and income she desires.

You’re ready to finally step into the role of an expert and authority figure in your community who gets the clients and changes their lives with the unique work you were created and meant to do right now!

Welcome To

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Yes it is just that ah-mazing!

You no longer have to choose between what you need most, because the fact that you’ve read this far means you need all of this.

You’ve probably learned it all EXCEPT what you need to actually need to position yourself in front of the women you were meant to work with.

This program is specifically designed to help you:

  • DISCOVER AND DISRUPT the paralyzing paradigms and habits that hinder your success every single day.

  • UNPLUG from all of the self-sabotage and misaligned strategies that leave you unfulfilled and client-less

  • UNPLUG the woman who is ready to level up in all of her God-given abilities to shine, sell, and show up with confidence and unwavering clarity of what she was purposed to do as a coach that no one else can

  • IGNITE your marketing with the magnetic messaging to match that makes your natural client attraction system the best thing you’ve discovered and easy to repeat. Consistency is no longer an issue!

  • MASTER the balance of flow and structure in your business and content so that you’re never winging it, but not bound to a plan that quenches your strategically God-inspired moments


Plus you get me as you tenacious Christian coach, strategist, and mentor who’s trained in Biblical Counseling, knows what it means to be in the trenches of building an online business, serves as the leading lady in ministry, and can bust you through all the anxiety and confusion of what you should be doing and accelerate you to your first or next client while keeping God first.

I mentor and coach you to get the clarity and confidence you need to see yourself the #1 solution to your dream client’s problem and transfer that confidence and clarity into your messaging and marketing so you can easily create and sell authentically irresistible offers that will attract clients ready to do business with you.


A few years ago, when I found out that I could make money online, I jumped in with no clue of what I was doing. I had three small kids, a successful full-time corporate job, and ministry and I wanted to serve in my gifts in bigger way outside of the church walls, but I spent most of my time online searching for the way to make money.

I blogged, created social media posts, built my website, signed up for a ton of free webinars and 6-figure blueprint worksheets, and ended up completely frustrated with no client and money.

Worse was I felt shamed I couldn’t understand how an intelligent Leading Lady like myself could not get clients.

Then my first major investment with a coach ($1500) was a bust. She told me I couldn’t make money helping Christian women in their business and purpose. I was out of $1500, no clients, a business I quit, and my confidence completely crushed.

My ambition and God wouldn’t let me rest, so I pulled myself together and decided to do it again.

I didn’t matter how many hours a day I spent online, I struggled to clients. But I kept showing up in spite of my disappointments.

Then I realized this one thing

My messaging and how I was showing up for my dream clients was not the perfect match for the women I was meant to work with.

I was holding back on my messaging and stopped believing that I could attract clients. I stopped believing that my business could be simple and profitable the way I WANTED IT TO BE.

I believed my story was not powerful enough or needed to help other women break free from all the rules and boxes they felt confined to like me.

I realized that my message, my story, and how I showed up for the women who needed someone like me was all that I needed to attract clients.

When I got out of my own way, I attracted $6K IN ONE DAY!

Plus I continued to establish my leadership thought and expert authority in my industry through podcast appearances and guest expert training.

I discovered the right mix of content and marketing and an unshakeable mindset that aligned my 1:1 offer to my perfect match dream clients. Easy, pay in full with way less time online than what I used to spend.

I grew my Facebook group by 222% in less than 30 days with no promotion.

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I did the perfect match work so that I could market and sell my offers easy. Me, my work, and my dream clients were all in complete alignment with what I had to offer, what they needed, and me being the coach that showed up for them.

And if you’ve had any doubt before, I’m here to tell you that it’s fully possible for you too! It doesn’t matter what anyone else has told you up or even what you’ve told yourself up until now.



Uncover your money leaks and leverages to optimize your content so that your marketing system is magnetic and completely irresistible.   

Create your own rules, boundaries, and values to stay fully connected to your purpose and everything you were meant to create to be a light to the world. Bring out that brilliant and magnetic woman so you can show the world who you really are and what you're about.  Your competition becomes irrelevant.  

Create or refine your 1:1 offer that you can stand behind 1000% and can sell in your sleep because it's just that good.  Plus you ditch all the fears behind your pricing and start creating the income you truly want. 

Level up your content and client attraction strategy that that puts your marketing and sales in easy mode. We co-create your unique content plan that's fully aligned to you, plus I show you how to get your dream clients in your inbox.

Reveal the true change maker you are and get your audience excited and binging on your content. You get crystal clear on your brand message, drizzle it with unshakeable confidence, and unleash your authentic message.  



You will be clear, confident, and  in full alignment with the vision and heart and soul of your brand - signature offers, how you show up, and what you want to share with your community will light you up.  Your marketing is effortless and practically feels like it's on autopilot. 


You'll have a clear impactful message that is exclusive to you and gains the attention of your dream clients because your message connects them to your brand your way in your own words.


You’re tired of the all the proven strategies that don’t work for you

You can’t figure out what’s blocking you from getting clients, but you know you’re ready to get unstuck and uncover your authentic client flow right now

You’re tired of struggling with the same thing every month - lack of consistency, productivity, clarity, and knowing your next step

You’re ready to be the kind of woman and boss that knows she was called and purposed for this kind of work

You have goals and desires you want to fulfill and you no longer want to waste time trying to do it on your own

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Ambiguity is something I've never been comfortable with but she allowed me to see that it's just an opportunity to trust God, not something to be anxious about. I also love that Breshana encouraged me to stick with my new business direction long enough for it to work. Before our session, I'd been in the habit of quickly pivoting or tweaking things before I was even sure what the problem was. Our session gave me permission to relax, trust myself and be all in. After working with Breshana, I have renewed confidence, a practical marketing plan, and the organizational tools to execute my vision!" - Erica Evans

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Working with Breshana was refreshing, powerful, and exciting.

She really listened to what I needed help with. She gave me strategies on how to scale my business, bring greater focus to my work, and position myself to stand out and speak the language of my ideal client. She heard and identified my unspoken limiting beliefs and helped me to shift my mindset from a place of inadequacy to a place of credibility and step with what I knew I could do. Breshana is a great listener, engaging, and full of insight. - Pam Cappabianca - Breakthrough Coach


You show up with epic content, magnetic messaging, confidence and clarity in your authentic, God-given calling and purpose, with an irresistible offer and marketing for your perfect match dream client that’s ready to buy. DONE!

You finally get down to the depths of how you were meant to serve, sell, and attract the clients and income all while working less, becoming the unplugged version of your next level self and enjoying the life and business God gave you.

Creating perfectly aligned offers that makes your client attraction and sales process so easy you can do it on repeat.

You become a part of the 1% of Christian women entrepreneurs that knows how to be steadfast and successful without feeling like sell out.

Michelle Howard, Certified Microsoft Office Consultant

Michelle Howard, Certified Microsoft Office Consultant

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Breshana’s expertise made my plans and focus so much clearer

I discovered Breshana at the beginning of launching my business. I had an idea of how I wanted to establish my business, but I had no clear direction as to how market it and bring it into existence. Breshana helped me develop the essential marketing strategies that helped me reach ideal clients beyond my intended scope.

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Breshana helped me leverage my unique gifts to better target my customers.

Breshana gave me the exact strategies I needed to grow my business. After working with her I was motivated and confident to go forth with more momentum in my business. I gained insight on the tools that I already had. She helped me move beyond my limiting beliefs of discouragement. With her help, I was able to confidently market my products and actually get clients who wanted my products. Alicia Cowans, Founder, Sweet Treats


(10) 1-hour strategy calls hosted on Zoom, recorded, and provided to after each session

UNLIMITED Voxer Coaching. I’m available to you everyday throughout the program. I’m your sounding board to keep you focused and on fire in your business.

High touch accountability check-ins between sessions throughout the entire program.

Messaging Masterclass plus my personalized support to nail down your messaging

Worksheets, spiritual and personal journal prompts, and custom assignments to uncover every single part of your content, client attraction, marketing and sales.

Anything else the Holy Spirit leads me to do to help you be successful!

3-month Investment: $5000 Pay in Full OR $6500 paid in 6 monthly installments