Whether you've been hanging around for a while or if this is your first time visiting, I always love company! 

Let's get to know each other....

I'm Breshana Miller, Business Uplevel Strategist  for purpose-driven women who want to uplevel their coaching business and income using their one-of-a-kind expertise.  

I'm not your average coach because I won't tell you to do what everyone is saying. There's no perfect strategy and definitely no one-size fits all strategy. 

My strategy is my powerful, God-given gift to teach, coach, and transform women into a fearless entrepreneur who will unapologetically stand in her God-given purpose and gifts, speak and own her power, and get highly paid for it without the guilt. 

My zone of genius is in strategic planning, leadership development, and vision casting and that combined with my gift to teach and provide spiritual guidance and wisdom has created massive results for me and my clients.  

This was me!

I struggled to crack the code in my coaching business.  I downloaded freebies, bought courses, enrolled in premium memberships and masterminds and none of it worked for me.  It wasn't the products or courses, it was me!  I chased after the all the strategies, tools, and systems and tried to do everything right and almost perfect and while some of those strategies worked, there was always this void that I kept bumping into.


Fear, self-sabotage, and self-doubt.  I doubted myself all the time and had gotten so used to things not working out, that it became the norm for me.  I was afraid to claim and speak my gifts with life and power because of what others might think. 

I gave myself a resounding NO before I would even start doing the work and I approached everything from a place of fear, doubt, and scarcity. Most of all,  I was always felt like I was at a crossroad between choosing my purpose or a profitable business. 

What happened?

I realized everything I resisted was what I actually wanted (that's what self-sabotage is!).  I stopped giving myself a pity party, got rid of my stinking thinking, and BOSSED UP! I decided to break the glass ceiling I had been starting at for so long and proved to myself that I could have a coaching business that allowed me to confidently fulfill my purpose and be profitable at the same time.  

It was no longer purpose or profit, but I transformed my coaching business to be my purpose and profits. 


I stopped looking and lurking at everyone else's highlight reel, hired a premium business coach, and never looked back. 

I developed a wealthy and healthy mindset, became crystal clear on my zone of genius, and became the fearless business coach for women who struggled like me. 

Attracting leads and clients now come with ease because I know and own my value as a coach from a mindset of truth and fearless confidence. 
My clients experience massive mindset shifts too, like the stuff they say during our coaching call, but they don't hear it except me or getting out of fear and getting crystal clarity in their business so they can attract their best clients and do their best work.  


Here's the truth...take it or leave it!

Google and Facebook can't take your business to the next level.  You need a real coach/mentor that's been where you are and will give you nothing but truth with action that's aligned to that fearless woman that's aching to be released and heard by others. 

I don't coach fluff about doing what feels good because that's where your comfort zone is and you have been there long enough. 

If you've scrolled this far down on my page, then I'm THE COACH you have been looking for. 


A Few Facts

I'm a mom of three and a Pastor's wife. I have a Master's in Biochemistry and I have over 10 years career management, business process improvement, leadership and personal development, general management consulting, project management, and biblical counseling.  I'm also former US Army veteran with deployments to Kosovo and South Korea.